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The Official BHSS Class of '62 Sixtieth Reunion




SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2022

“See Old Friends and Make New Ones”

We are booked! At the newest and most fun place in New York City! Margaritaville Resort in Times Square!

Now - It’s time for all of us to “See Old Friends and Make New Ones”! We did it!!!!

It has been more than a year since an overwhelming number of our class voiced their preferences in a POLL conducted amongst members of our IO (formerly YAHOO) and FACEBOOK Groups to have our (official) Reunion on September 16- 18, 2022 in Manhattan. Now we are finalizing many of the events that we will be sharing with our classmates. However, we need you all to step up and commit with your checks as soon as possible so we can establish a true estimate of the number of attendees. This is so important!

First - the main event- on Saturday night will be held at the newest hotel facility near Times Square: Margaritaville!!! ( We have negotiated a contract for the “Main Event”. We will celebrate for four hours on Saturday evening, with an open bar serving beer, wine and soft drinks, sumptuous appetizers, and a grand buffet dinner. A cash bar will be available for hard liquor and mixed drinks. There’s even room for getting together before and after our event. We chose not to have fixed seating so all will be free to mingle and schmooze with classmates and see how this improbable bunch of Septuagenarian Ex-Bronxites turned out.

While Saturday evening will be the centerpiece of our Sixtieth Anniversary Reunion there are many other activities planned,

and more to come.

Some of these are:

• A gathering at Carl Schurz Park on the East River being coordinated by Steve Bernstein and Marty Gottlieb - this is planned for Friday midday - and this park is totally unique and a special treat! Don't miss!

A tour and luncheon at the Neue Galerie coordinated by Nanci Allen- on Saturday afternoon. We will plan a tea gathering there - in true Austrian style of just too much schlagsahne (whipped cream)!

A visit to a baseball game if there is enough interest

A guided tour of Jacobs Cornell Technion University on Roosevelt Island where former Mayor Mike Bloomberg hoped to make NYC “the Silicon Valley of the East”. Classmate Dan Gardner will assist us in arranging our tour.

• Sunday early evening’s guided tour, and dinner, at our classmate Joe Alessandro’s favorite restaurant in the Bronx’s famous Little Italy on Arthur Avenue.

• Assistance and coordination with get-togethers and restaurants through the web site and personal help during the reunion.

• A Broadway (or Off-Broadway) Show will be selected and coordinated by Gail (Grubel) Offerman.

• We are also negotiating with several area hotels (including the Margaritaville Resort) to secure group pricing rates for out-of-town visitors. Our committee members will also help others find accommodations, including room sharing.

A few more important particulars:

• The cost of the Saturday Evening event will be around $325 per person (for early registrants), which is below the range chosen by the poll and not much more than (the cost of) our 50th (with inflation). The Budget and Final Cost will be set by March 15, 2022 and we expect payment before April 15, 2022. To hold your place we are requesting a deposit of $ 100/per person which is fully refundable for any reason until June 15, 2022.

• We would like to make this event affordable to all of our classmates. If you are able to contribute to a fund that will enable us to subsidize the cost of the “Main Event” for those less fortunate, please include any amount and note it with your deposit.

• There will be no boring speeches, there will be no fund raising for the school. • This will be a purely fun-filled event in one of the newest venues in New York City and allow us the opportunity to see NYC as Tourists. Please go to the webpage for Margaritaville Resorts to see more pictures of the venue!

• • We will continue update information regarding the weekend on the following website:

Please send your deposit in the enclosed self-addressed envelope to hold your place (refundable up to June 15, 2022) as soon as possible we need to get an accurate participation estimate to go forward with our plans

Please make your check to “BHSS Class of 62 Reunion” $100 per person for the “Main Event” (including dinner) and mail it to:

Howard J Cohen 3272 Cowper Street Palo Alto, CA 94306-3004

You can also make your payment using VENMO using this address: @BHSSClassofSixtyTwo-Reunion

Those in need of scholarship assistance please contact Howard (HJC@COHENSW.COM) or Nanci (NANCIJALLEN@GMAIL.COM). This will be kept in utmost confidentiality.

Looking forward to seeing you in September in NYC. If you should have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact us.

Rick Plavner


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